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With very little you can make a huge difference! The earthquake was a incredible tragedy but it has brought us all together to join forces and create this urgent movement.
We’re all Mexican actresses who reside in Los Angeles but our home and heart is in Mexico.

As time passes and help starts to dwindle those who have lost it all will only have one thing to count on and that’s YOUR support!
Please join us and become an Angel in this important cause.
Let's keep working on great things together. There is still so much to do.
We have a passion to follow the amazing efforts seen by the people of Mexico and we want you to follow as well!


Viva México!

Con muy poco puedes crear una gran diferencia!
El terremoto fue una terrible tragedia , pero nos unió para crear este movimiento y juntar esfuerzos.
Vivimos en Los Ángeles pero nuestro corazón está en México.
Porque sabemos que esto no acaba aquí y la ayuda seguirá siendo necesaria te invitamos a ser un ángel en nuestra causa.
Sigamos haciendo cosas grandes que hagan que este orgullo por ser mexicanos no se acabe nunca.

¡Viva México!